Truleigh Hill 2019

Truleigh Hill 2019
Please find key information that was shared at the Parent information night. 

Menu: please find choices in bold.


BBQ outdoors: Meat burger or Veggie burger 

with wedges and salad.

Chocolate brownie with ice cream or Fruit 


Cereal, toast with cooked breakfast or continental breakfast 


Sandwich choice: Tuno, egg mayo, Ham, Cheese

with fruit, cereal bar and juice. 

Kit list:
•Waterproof coat  (not packed in overnight bag)
•An extra pair of shoes/trainers suitable for walking a distance (no wellies)
•An extra jumper
•T - shirts x 2
•Trousers/ Tracksuit bottoms not jeans or cut offs (stinging nettles)
•Pair of shorts
•Underwear and socks
•Wash bag
•Sun hat and sun cream
•Small rucksack (with wide straps NO string cords)
•Disposable snack and lunch for first day (packed in day bag)
•Plastic carrier bag to sit on
•Teddy bear / soft toy (packed in night bag)
•Book to read (packed in night bag)
•Refillable water bottle 
•Any medication
•All of these items need to be in a soft bag which your child can carry

Trip 1 – Hand all medication to Mrs Thorpe

Trip 2 – Hand all medication to Mrs Noble 

All medication to be clearly named with instructions

Travel Pill to be taken before coming to school on day 1 – give day 2 pill to designated first aider 

Hay fever – ensure enough for both days

Wednesday 5th June 

We arrived at Truleigh Hill with gasps of excitement and glee this morning. The children found the views breath-taking and loved spotting the sites of our work tomorrow, including Bramber Castle. They learnt about renewable energy as we can see the Rampion Wind Farm off the Sussex Coast as well as the use of solar power at the campsite at Truleigh Hill. 

After lunch, we found the mysterious 'Truleigh Hill Bug' during our bug hunting, as well as a variety of creepy crawlies. We then created 'Bug Hotels' ready for all our new friends to stay. These were very luxurious with swimming pools, gyms, spas and gardens. We finished off the afternoon with a calming trip to the pond to write poetry linked to our senses. 

The children were very excited to find out who was in their room and even more excited to discover the kind staff at Truleigh Hill had made their beds. They enjoyed their tasty burgers for dinner and are currently winding down to a film with hot chocolate. We are all excited for the walk tomorrow and hopefully tired enough to fall asleep quickly tonight.  
Thursday 6th June 
Excitement about being away from home meant we were early risers! However, after a quick pack up of our rooms we were ready for breakfast. The staff at the YHA were really impressed with how much the children ate which was good as we had a long walk ahead of us. The children were excited to see the rest of the year group arrive but it was only a brief meeting as we got back onto the coach to take us a short way down the hill. We had beautiful views including Lancing Collage, the old Cement works and a clearer view of the wind farm. After surviving the very steep hill, we made it to the River Adur where we had a leisurely stroll towards Bramber. We were very excited to see a house with solar panels on its roof after learning all about solar power yesterday. The teachers were very kind and bought us all an ice lolly from the shop which we enjoyed before stopping for lunch at Bramber Castle. Mrs Hyde used her fitbit to count our steps and after 14,000 steps today, the teachers hope the children sleep well tonight! 

The other half of the trip arrived and after a quick biscuit break, we walked down to the view point to look out over West Sussex and see where we would be walking tomorrow. The sheep in the field had other ideas though and they made us take a small detour! The children completed a sketch of their view before learning about renewable energy.  After a lunch break, the children split off into groups where they visited the pond to complete some poetry based on what they could see down there or create a bug hotel using natural resources around them. Then we enthusiastically hunted for bugs where we managed to catch many butterflies! We loved watching them but released them into the wild quickly so they wouldn't be too scared. The children loved having some free time in the field after we unpacked our rooms and worked up an appetite for dinner. After getting into our pjs and bringing up our teddies, we have settled down to watch a film with some hot chocolate before bed. We have got our waterproofs ready for tomorrow and are still looking forward to our walk!