Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning 

Hello Year 6.

From this week onwards I will be looking after you and your home learning. Many of the subjects you have been doing will be the same or similar. You will still have English, Reading and Maths as well as a range of other subjects to keep your brain busy and active.

One thing that will change is who you will email; from now on you will email me at Please remember that this email address is for feedback on work only, any general enquiries must go to the school office.  

There are a few things I would like to tell you about how this will be a bit different. Firstly, make sure you tell me your name (especially when sending work from a parent’s email address) and class when you send me your work. This will help me to get to know you as well. Please send no more than one email per day. You can put more than one subject in each email. Your teacher may have been happy for you to send multiple emails in a day but because I may have more emails than before, I might not be able to reply to them all. Choose the work you are most proud of!

Secondly if you are stuck and need help please write ‘I’m stuck’ in the subject bar. This means I will know that your email needs a quicker reply to allow you to get on with your work. I will do my best to reply to your email as soon as I am able to! I know your teachers have been sending you replies and I will too but it might not be as detailed just because there will be more of you. I will still be handing out house points for any examples of fantastic effort and hard work. Where possible, I will also provide answers on the home learning page so you can use your green pen to self check your work, remember if you can’t work out why you have made a mistake it is really important you ask for help.

I know you have all been working really hard and I know you will continue to do so. I am looking forward to seeing some beautifully presented work with lots of effort as I know how well you can all work!


Miss Loveday

Note from all the Year 6 teachers

Thank you Year 6 for all your amazing work and effort during home learning. We have been so impressed with your resilience, creativity and dedication to learning during the past few months. We know that some of you will be back in school full time from next week whilst others will still be learning from home and sending your work to Ms Loveday. However, your class teacher would still be delighted to hear from you!

 So, if you wish to, you can send your class teacher one email per week via their class email address to let them know how you are getting on. This can include something you have achieved that you feel proud of that you want to tell them about. It might take them up to a week to reply as they will be teaching in school or looking after the online work of another year group, but they will respond!

 Keep up the fantastic attitude to learning and continue being the wonderful Year 6s that we know you all are.

 Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Hughes, Ms Loveday and Mr Berry



Sussex Virtual School Games

This week Active Sussex are launching an inter- school sports competition to be completed from the comfort of your own home! This will be a series of virtual competitions and you can submit an entry on behalf of our school online.


Make sure you have another look at the Keeping Active page to find out more about this competition and for your chance to WIN PRIZES. 


Your PE work this week is to complete the four challenges that will be set on Monday morning. You can submit your work online at or email Mr Langdon at for him to submit your score.


Parents please sign up to take part, however submitting your score is optional. It would be great to get as many children submitting their scores as possible!

Useful Resources
Calling all eco artists! Look at our new 'Competition Page' for details........
*2 NEW COMPETITIONS* 05.06.20- see the competition page for your chance to win a new bike or a £50 Decathlon voucher with your excellent writing or to create an illustration for a JK Rowling book!

Silly Squad, Summer Reading Challenge.

Each year the libraries run a summer reading game where you read 6 books and receive prizes, go on treasure hunts and collect stickers. This year it will be a little bit different as it is all online. So many of you are reading and enjoying your books, I would recommend signing up for this! You may even receive a medal at the end of your challenge. You can read any time of book from a long chapter book to a comic to a picture book. Check out the website below and see if you can sign up with a parent.

Year 6 Goodbye Video Messages
We are offering Year 6 children the opportunity to video their own goodbye message to be included as part of the Year 6 Leavers' page.
Make sure you read Mr White's rules first (see below) and then send your video to by Friday 10th July
Week 13 6.7.20

Cooking: Leavers’ farewell baking

This is an activity for Year 6 at school and Year 6 online – please send photographs of your baking to Miss Loveday
try to send in by Monday 13.7.20
Leavers' Song - music and art sessions
Community Art Project
English & spelling
Foundation subjects
The competition 'Pin Your Badge' closes at 6pm on 12th July 2020
Week 14 13.07.20
Final 'Leavers' Week'
Your Leavers' page will 'go live' on Thursday.
If you haven't managed your baking yet - please send in any photos by Wednesday 15th July, so I have time to add them to the page.
Maths and English
Foundation subjects
Health and Wellbeing activities