Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning
Dear amazing, fantastic, brilliant Year 5!
It is the last day of term and we are so sad we can't be sharing memories of the year together. 
We have put together a little video, featuring a VERY special guest introducing it, to say goodbye if you follow the Youtube link.
Have a fantastic summer break and we will see you in September!
Mr Ferguson,
Mr Church,
Mrs Wassell 
and Ms Simmons

A note from the Year 5 teachers...

We have loved receiving your e-mails over the past few months. We have been so impressed with how you have adapted to working at home, which we understand isn’t always easy – and you have continued to produce work of a high standard, showing resilience and determination. It has also been lovely to hear how you have all been getting on in lockdown – the highs and the lows – and we are so disappointed that we are not able to have you all back in school this term. 

It would be fantastic if you could all keep up the high standard of work over the next few weeks and impress Miss Wilkinson with your efforts! As we don’t want to lose touch with you, we would like you to send us one e-mail each week with a favourite piece of work and an update as to how you are getting on. As we are all in school teaching Year 6, please be patient while waiting for us to respond. We shall get in touch as soon as we can. 

Stay safe, be kind to your families and keep working hard.

Mrs Wassell, Mrs Simmons, Mr Church & Mr Ferguson

PS - Expect to see us still reading you chapters from COSMIC on the Year 5 YouTube Channel!

Welcome Year 5! 

Hello Year 5.

From this week onwards I will be looking after you and your home learning. Many of the subjects you have been doing will be the same or similar. You will still have English, Reading and Maths as well as a range of other subjects to keep your brain busy and active.

One thing that will change is who you will email; from now on you will email me at

Please remember that this email address is for feedback on work only, any general enquiries must go to the school office.  

There are a few things I would like to tell you about how this will be a bit different. Firstly, make sure you tell me your name (especially when sending work from a parent’s email address) and class when you send me your work. This will help me to get to know you as well. Please send no more than one email per day. You can put more than one subject in each email. Your teacher may have been happy for you to send multiple emails in a day but because I may have up to 90(!) emails I would never be able to reply to them all. Choose the work you are most proud of!

Secondly if you are stuck and need help please write ‘I’m stuck’ in the subject bar. This means I will know that your email needs a quicker reply to allow you to get on with your work. I will do my best to reply to your email as soon as I am able to! I know your teachers have been sending you replies and I will too but it might not be as detailed just because there will be so many of you. I will still be handing out house points for any examples of fantastic effort and hard work. Where possible, I will also provide answers on the home learning page so you can use your green pen to self check your work, remember if you can’t work out why you have made a mistake it is really important you ask for help.

I know you have all been working really hard and I know you will continue to do so. I am looking forward to seeing some beautifully presented work with lots of effort as I know how well you can all work!


Miss Wilkinson


Dear Year 5,
You are cordially invited to apply for the position of Poppy Monitor or Rabbit Keeper starting in September. Please email your letter of application to Ms Singleton at
Good luck!
Silly Squad, Summer Reading Challenge.
Each year the libraries run a summer reading game where you read 6 books and receive prizes, go on treasure hunts and collect stickers. This year it will be a little bit different as it is all online. So many of you are reading and enjoying your books, I would recommend signing up for this! You may even receive a medal at the end of your challenge. You can read any time of book from a long chapter book to a comic to a picture book. Check out the website below and see if you can sign up with a parent.

Calling all artists in Years 3, 4 and 5… Have a look at the online art gallery page for more details about the following art project…

Community Art 'Summer & Journeys' Station Project:

 The County Council are hoping to hold an exhibition of Art work at the Hawth Theatre on 7th September. Also, art work from the schools in the area will have some work displayed at Three Bridges Station, and some work could be used to inspire a second mural on the other side of the Bridge.

The theme is Summer and Journeys and needs to be portrait and colourful. Please email any art work to Miss Loveday with your name and class to…

If you have already produced any work for the online art gallery that would fit the theme of Summer or Journeys (for example: flowers, nature, happiness, etc...) then please can you send these images again to Miss Loveday if you wish for them to be used as well.


Year 5 to 6 transition
Please fill in the transition booklet- it will help you over the summer to get ready to return to school in September. You can find the booklet on the ' Years 3,4 & 5 Transition' page on the website. 
This week the Year 6 children answered the questions you asked them. See the document below to read their answers!
Summer Term- Week 12
Hall of Fame
Summer Term - Week 12
Here's what we'd like you to complete from Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July
Thank you for all your home learning over the past few weeks Year 5! I have enjoyed seeing all the excellent work you have produced. 
Please make sure you send me any work before the end of the school day today, Friday 17th July so I can give you feedback on it before the end of term. 
Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you as the new Year 6 in September!
Miss Wilkinson
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