Year 5

Hi Year 5,
Your teachers have been very busy during this week, and we have set up a YouTube account. Here is the link:
Expect to find us reading out chapters of Cosmic to help you complete your English homework, but mainly just enjoy some fun videos of what we've been up to. You can choose to join in or just watch. Hopefully some of them will put a smile on your face!

Remember to keep coming back to this page and the YouTube page to keep updated. We have turned comments off the videos but if you would like to let us know what you think, please email us directly.
If you would like to join in with something on the YouTube channel, especially cooking, please make sure the you ask an adult to help you so you stay safe.

Hi Year 5!

What a strange situation we have found ourselves in! You didn’t think we’d let you get away with not doing any work though, did you?!

So, even when you don't get to come into school, we expect you to continue your learning at home. We need to keep up with the Year 5 Curriculum and make sure your brains stay active and your bodies healthy!

The activities should be completed by you working independently as much as possible, as you need to help your parents by keeping yourselves busy. If you're well and truly stuck, then you can ask them for help.

We suggest a daily timetable for you to follow every weekday, in any order you like:

  •          1 hour of English (including Spellings)
  •          1 hour of Maths (including TT Rockstars)
  •          1 hour of Science/Topic/BEE work
  •          30 minutes of physical activities (see list of website for ideas)
  •          1 hour of Art/DT/Cooking
  •          As much reading as you can manage!
If you're super keen, you may want to work at the weekends too, but we'll leave that up to you!

Below are the units of work we'd like you to complete, organised for each week, so you know when you should be doing the activities. We will be adding work as we move through the weeks, so you'll never be short of learning to crack on with! Once you have completed the work, you may email it to your class email account below, if you would like some feedback from your teacher. 

*Parents, please remember, this is an email account for pupils to send school work only. General school enquires will not be answered- these must be sent to the office in the usual way.

Class emails: 

Children, school is not the same without you and we look forward to having you back!

Mr Ferguson, Mrs Wassell, Mr Church and Mrs Simmons

Week 2
Here's what we'd like you to complete from Monday 30th March to Sunday 5th April.
Week 1
Here's what we'd like you to complete from Monday 23rd March to Sunday 29th March.
TT Rockstars update!
The Year 5 boys took the victory in our first 'Battle of the Bands' - well done boys! 
A special mention for the girls however, for making a fantastic come back in the last 24 hours!
The greatest contributors should be able to find and print their certificates in the link below!..
A huge well done to EVERY child that took part but in particular to the greatest contributors in each team - Karam and Ameliya! :)