Year 4 Hindleap Warren 2021 trip

Dear Parents,
Please find below presentation from the Year 4 Hindleap Warren Parent information meeting that took place on Thursday 14th October 2021. 
Day 1 - Monday
Trip 1 have started the trip with a muddy splash! We arrived safely this morning, full of excitement. After finding out who they are sharing a room with (lots of happy faces!) we went about making our beds- quite the first challenge! Then, we had a quick tour, soon, everyone was unpacked and tucking into lunch. The children spent the afternoon in the woods, completing lots of fun team-building activities, challenging obstacles, tracking Hindleap animals and environmental art. Excited, muddy and hungry, everyone ate very well at dinner time. We are currently spending some time working on our activity booklets.
Got to go now, off to the campfire! Photos will be up soon!
Day 2 - Tuesday
The children settled so well last night. Everyone was fast asleep by 10pm and we didn't hear a peep until 7am! The teachers were able to get a good night’s sleep.
Everyone filled up on an excellent breakfast and after putting on lots of warm layers (THANK YOU PARENTS for sending them all so well equipped) the whole group was off. We spent the morning doing bush crafts; building shelters, lighting fires and eating toasted marshmallows.
After a huge lunch, topped off with sticky toffee pudding and custard, we set off on lots of activities for the
afternoon. We tracked animals, tested our nerve on 'The Pentagon', used our senses in nature and got really, really muddy on the obstacles.
We've had another delicious meal and are currently reflecting on our day. Soon we'll be off for a swim before a story, hot chocolate, cookie and a much-needed sleep!
More photos will be up later! 
Day 3 - Wednesday
Trip 1 finished off fantastically with one last activity to round the trip off and an overview to sum up how their time at Hindleap Warren had gone. The children slept brilliantly and gave the teachers yet ANOTHER, much- needed peaceful night's sleep. They packed up quickly, stripped their beds and left their rooms immaculate, ready for the cleaners and the incoming group. After giving out prizes for the tidiest room throughout the stay and certificates for the children's best moments, they set off back to school where we're sure you were overjoyed to see them and their muddy washing. We would like to thank all the children for how beautifully they behaved and how well-mannered, enthusiastic and helpful they remained throughout their stay. They have represented our school amazingly and we all feel very proud of them.
Day 1 - Wednesday
Our second group of children arrived safely this morning. Enthusiastic, happy and ‘clean’ faces greeted us from the coach eager to find out the answer to the most important question of all: “Who am I sharing a bedroom with?” Beds were chosen and ‘made’, pjs, books and teddies were laid out, before we set off on a tour of the centre. After eating their yummy packed lunches, we changed ready for our first activity. The activities allowed the children to develop their team-building skills and to take on a variety of challenges (ask them about the dark tunnels if you dare...) So far this evening we have been working on our diaries and eaten a huge, delicious, hot meal, filling our tummies ready for our evening campfire. Miss King has kindly come to lead us in some fun campfire songs that I'm sure they will teach you when they are home. Pictures to come soon...
Day 2 - Thursday
What an amazing day we have had, full of challenge and personal triumph! This morning, we began the day together building shelters, fire lighting, and (the best part of course!) toasting marshmallows!! The children have continued to face their fears this afternoon and have shown their strength through some very muddy obstacles and tunnels and the super exciting, 'very high up' pentagon. After finishing off some scrumptious sausage and mash, we are currently writing our diaries which will shortly be followed by our swim. The children are continuing to be fantastic and you'll be surprised to hear... have kept their rooms beautifully tidy. We're sure the children will have lots of stories to tell you tomorrow... enjoy your peace and empty washing machines while they last and we’ll see you soon...