Year 4 Camp 2018

Wednesday 27th June 2018
4SC and 4CF have arrived!! 
All the children arrived excited for their first day at camp.  Wow what weather we have for our night under the stars!  All the children checked into their tents and had time to settle in and meet their neighbours.  The set-up has allowed all of the children to have plenty of time to mix with their friends and spend time relaxing in and around the tent area. 
We have taken part in some outdoor activities.  We have managed to build a den and had a go at lighting fires.  
The children have clearly been preparing hard for the talent show.  What a show!! 
The children have been looking forward to the disco all day and it has been a chance to show off some of their best moves.  It's like a festival here with the sunny weather and the music blasting out onto the field!  
We are looking forward to some campfire songs with Miss King and Mr Ferguson followed by hot chocolate.  
Night night from the happy campers!!
Thursday 28th June 2018 
Well here we are. Another day in and what another fantastically sunny day.  4SW and 4SK checked into their canvas accommodation for the night and settled into life outdoors really quickly. 
All the children in year 4 have made the very most out of everthing on offer to them today.  So much enthusiasm and smiles a plenty !  We are all very proud of them and can't believe how talented they all are having seen 2 wonderful talent shows. 
Every time we ask a child what they have enjoyed, they all list several things that have really stood out for them.
While 4SK and 4SW continue to dance and sing long into the night tonight, we hope that 4SC and 4CF sleep well back home. 
See you all tomorrow!
4WS & 4SK
4SC & 4CF