Year 3

Hello Year 3! We have many activities for you to do over the next few weeks and these will be updated regularly. It is a very strange time and everyone needs to work together to help each other and to be kind to each other. Below is a selection of different subjects, if you don't see your favourite subject there don't worry as it will be there at some point! 
Remember there is also TTRockstars, your Year 3 and 4 words in the back of your homework diary and of course reading! Think of all the amazing books you can read!
Please see the links below for units of work so that you can continue with your learning whilst at home. Once you have completed the work you may email it to your class email account if you would like some feedback. 
*Parents please remember this is an email for school work only and general enquiries will not be answered. These must be sent to the office in the usual way.
Enjoy and we look forward to hearing about and seeing your work!
From Mrs Langdon, Mr Langdon and Mrs Hyde.
Class emails:
Please send us one email to show you have connected to this page, we would love to hear from you!
Here are a few extra ideas for breaks between your work!

Play a board game

Create your own board game

Watch one of your parent’s favourite films from when they were a child

Learn to tell the time

Help cook something you have not made/eaten before

Build a house of cards

Build a fort! (we would love to see pictures)

Teach your parents a game you like to play online

A life sized collage using items around your house (Mrs Langdon once made a boat in her garden using sheets. bedding, pegs and pillows, when you looked down from the upstairs window you could clearly see it!)

Thank you for all the amazing work we have received so far. Enjoy looking at the work that has been sent in below.
Could you get your work into the Year 3 Hall of Fame?
Week 1
TT Rock Stars: Who is more determined......BOYS or GIRLS
From Monday 8.30am to Friday 3pm, log in to your TT Rockstar accounts to add to your team's total. Winners and best contributors will be announced at the end of the week. If you have any issues logging in, please email your class teacher. 
Good luck!
CONGRATULATIONS to the BOYS this week who won with a staggering 12,517 points to 3,345 points. A special mention goes to Samuel, Lukas P and Igor who were the top contributors for the boys and Avnita, Elisah and Aanvi for the girls. If your teacher has your email address already, they will email over your certificate. If you have not emailed yet this week then get in touch to receive it. Well done to all 37 boys and 25 girls that took part in the competition.