Upper School Christmas Production 2016

Letters to Father Christmas


My name is J.R.R Tolkien – author of ‘Lord of the Rings’. Today I want to tell you about a Tolkien family tradition. Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Father Christmas? And I’m sure you all know he lives in the North Pole? Well, in 1920, when my eldest son John was 3 years old, I decided that my children deserved to know a little more about this kind, old gentleman and the very important job he does…so…I started the Tolkien Family Tradition of ‘Letters to Father Christmas’.

Tolkien sent his first letter in 1920 and they continued to arrive each Christmas for over 20 years, through the childhoods of all his children: John, Michael, Christopher and Priscilla.

Sometimes the envelopes, dusted with snow and bearing Polar postage stamps, were found in the house on Christmas morning and sometimes I brought them.

In these letters, Father Christmas described in words and pictures – his home, his friends and the funny or dramatic events that took place at the North Pole.