Truleigh Hill 2018

Wednesday 13th June
Good Evening! 
This morning 3KJ and the half of 3LH woke full of energy ready to start the day! After a cooked breakfast we practised our map reading skills ready for our big walk. All the children were very excited and ready to go. We started half up up the hill and walked down along the river. After a quick ice lolly stop we made it to Bramber Castle. Some of us were very much looking forward to our picnic lunch which we enjoyed in the castle grounds. Sadly after lunch it was time to go home. 
While 3KJ and half of 3LH were on the walk, 3LL and the rest of 3LH arrived excited and raring to go! We started off by admiring the views, the sun was out and we could see for miles! We were impressed by how much of the sea we could see! After lunch we go out our magnifying glasses and bug pots to go on a bug hunt. Then we created awesome sculptures out of the nature around us, including a 'forgotten jungle' and a 'tent'. We had a look at some plants and their functions before coming in for dinner. We are now watching a film enjoying some hot chocolate! 
See you tomorrow! 
P.S. We will try and upload some pictures but the ipad has decided to freeze on us!
Tuesday 12th June
Good evening parents,
We arrived safely at Truleigh Hill this morning and it was lovely to see the children gasp in awe at the wonderful views. We took a walk down to look out over the local area to see where we will be walking tomorrow. The children had some time to sketch out what they could see. We played some games and had our lunch before setting off on some bug hunting. During this activity, the children caught many unusual bugs. The long grass was a challenge for the children but they still managed to find a selection of creepy crawlies. They observed them through magnifying glasses and drew them in their booklets. Some of the bugs they found were grasshoppers, spiders, ladybirds and butterflies. Some children even managed to find the rare Truleigh Hill bug!
The children worked together to construct some creative art sculptures using the nature around them. We had some nests, tents and even a bug hotel! The children also created their own nature individual picture as a keep sake!
With great anticipation, the children were told which rooms they're in and given the challenge to make their beds!! With some teamwork (and a bit of help from the teachers!) we got there and got to enjoy some time with our friends. We are now looking forward to our dinner al fresco, a DVD with our teddies and a good nights sleep! We have included a few photos of our visit so far and check back later for some more!
Please find key information that was shared at the Parent information night. 

Menu: please find choices in bold.


BBQ outdoors: Meat burger or Veggie burger 

with wedges and salad.

Chocolate brownie with ice cream or Fruit 


Cereal, toast with cooked breakfast or continental breakfast 


Sandwich choice: Tuno, egg mayo, Ham, Cheese

with fruit, cereal bar and juice. 

Kit list:
•Waterproof coat  (not packed in overnight bag)
•An extra pair of shoes/trainers suitable for walking a distance (no wellies)
•An extra jumper
•T - shirts x 2
•Trousers/ Tracksuit bottoms not jeans or cut offs (stinging nettles)
•Pair of shorts
•Underwear and socks
•Wash bag
Sun hat and sun cream
•Small rucksack (with wide straps NO string cords)
•Disposable snack and lunch for first day (packed in day bag)
•Plastic carrier bag to sit on
•Teddy bear / soft toy (packed in night bag)
•Book to read (packed in night bag)
•Refillable water bottle 
•Any medication
•All of these items need to be in a soft bag which your child can carry
Truleigh Hill photos update
We do apologize for the lack of photos from the trip on the school website, unfortunatelly we are having technical issues with the iPad the photos are on.


Trip 1 – Hand all medication to Mrs Thorpe

Trip 2 – Hand all medication to Mrs Whittingham

All medication to be clearly named with instructions

Travel Pill to be taken before coming to school on day 1 – give day 2 pill to designated first aider 

Hay fever – ensure enough for both days