Truleigh Hill

Wednesday 14th June: 3KJ, 3LT and 3SK
Today is another beautiful day! We were joined for breakfast by Mr White and there was lots of empty plates fuelling us for our long walk. After packing up our night bags, we were taken to the start of our walk. It was a great down hill walk to the River Adur where we saw some swans. We then headed to Upper Beeding for an ice lolly. We finished our day with a visit to Bramber Castle where we enjoyed our packed lunch.
Meanwhile, children from 3SK and the other half of 3LT arrived rather excited. After an explore and our lunch, we started on our afternoon of activities. We worked together as a group to create sculptures from natural things around us. We had good fun and created lots of different things including a dragon, campfires, a home for an animal and a crown. We also enjoyed doing bug hunting and nature pictures. The wind was not so friendly today and it was a bit harder to keep the kite in the air, however we all managed a small go! We soon became experts at making our beds and had a good time filling in our booklets before dinner. We are looking forward to our BBQ and toasting marshmallows on the camp fire.
Tuesday 13th June : 3KJ and 3LT 
Good evening,
We have had a great first day at Truleigh Hill. We started with a short walk to check out the views and we were very excited to see some of the local wildlife, including sheep, cows and goats.
After having our lunch at the hostel, we went bug hunting. We found all sorts of creepy crawlies such as spiders, Woodlice and grasshoppers. We then collected grass and flowers to make our own nature collages. Luckily, there was a light breeze up on the hill so we were able to fly a kite.
We were super excited to find out who we were sharing a room with and the youth hostel were kind enough to make our beds for us. We had a tasty dinner of burger and chips outside! We are very eager for our 2nd day tomorrow.
Thursday 15th June: 3LT, 3SK and 3CM
After battling with intermittent wifi, we can finally give you an update - hurrah! We do apologise! 
3CM arrived at Truleigh Hill in a flurry of excitement! They wasted no time in exploring the local area and enjoying the views that the South Downs have to offer. They showed some excellent team work skills when making nature sculptures and were fascinated at the amount of bugs they could find during their bug hunt. The children created some wonderful nature pictures before having a blast playing parachute games. 3CM enjoyed their BBQ and loved toasting marshmallows. After watching a film with their teddies, they tucked themselves up in bed and quickly went to sleep ready for another exciting day ahead of them.
Friday 16th June: 3CM