Welcome to Year 3!

Dear Year 2


I am really looking forward to you joining Pound Hill Junior School in September. I am very sad that you won’t be able to come and visit us before you start here but we’ve tried to put together some videos and photos to help you. It will be a little different in junior school but you will settle into life here very easily. Some of you have brothers and sisters who have told you about how great it is here. If you haven’t, that’s ok, as you will make lots of new friends and get to know all of us very quickly.


Your teachers will be ready to answer all your questions and show you around on your first few days. Miss Hatton and I will pop into your classrooms and check that you’re doing ok. We’ll also be around before school, playtimes and lunch times to help out.


I know you are going to be a great year 3 and have a fantastic time here. Enjoy your summer and I will see you in September.


From Mr White



You may be feeling lots of different emotions about starting Pound Hill Junior School, excited, nervous, happy, worried, keen, anxious, curious and many other feelings. It is OK to feel all of these things and perfectly normal to do so. On these pages you will find out more about school life and hopefully you will find answers to some of your questions. 
Our current Year 3s have written letters telling you all about life at Pound Hill Junior School. Read all of them as they all have different and very useful information in. 
You will find a fact page of the Year 3 teachers as well so you can find out a few more facts and which teacher likes blueberry muffins and which teacher is a fan of Lego superheros! There will also be an opportunity for you to share something you like with the year 3 teachers!
A video tour of our school can also be found here and you can see the different classrooms and what the inside of the building looks like if you have never visited before. There is also a video with members of staff telling you about different parts of the school. For example if you fell over in the playground you would go to a lovely lady called Mrs Thorpe. One the video she tells you a bit about her job. 
You will find a booklet which you can download and print to fill in which is all about life at Pound Hill Junior School. This will be really useful as it has lots of important information inside to help you feel confident on your first day. 
All the staff at Pound Hill Junior School are looking forward to meeting you and helping you settle into your new school! See you soon...