The Magic of Photography

The Magic of Photography
Have you ever noticed how much beauty there is around us? If you look closely and carefully enough, you will find it in the most ordinary places! So, during those daily walks, cycles or runs that you take with your family, or simply while you're at home or in the garden, take a really good look around you and see what beautiful images you can capture with a camera or camera phone! Your photos might be of a beautiful sunset, an unusual view of the street around your home, or a close up image of an animal, insect or even something from the kitchen cupboard! Let your imagination fly and see what amazing pictures you can create!
So, this page is dedicated to photography and all the amazing art you can create using a camera! Mr Church has written an information page (see the link below) giving you hints and tips about how to take amazing close up photographs, but they don't have to be 'CUPOTY' images; there is even a competition you can enter.
We would love to see your fantastically creative photographs and share them with the school community, so please send them to the following class email addresses and we will add them to our 'Magic of Photography' gallery.
Our Photography Gallery
Pupils went for a nature walk around our school and took these beautiful photographs
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 'CUPOTY' photographs
Walks in nature