Sports at Pound Hill Junior School

Sports Hall Games at K2
On Wednesday 15th February, Mrs Burns and Mrs Noble took 18 boys and girls from year 5 and 6 to the Sports Hall Games at K2. The competition included a variety of different athletic events from relay races, obstacle courses, throwing events and jumping. The children were each able to take part in 2 track events and 2 field events each. 
The children performed amazingly with some particular highlights. Amie and Julia won the girls 2x6 relay, which required them to think of a strategy to complete this event, and the girls performed superbly. Rohan and Mirza took inspiration from this and ran brilliantly in their race. Tom was a surprise superstar in the javelin, throwing a massive distance. Also Liam, Georgie, Cian, Chloe, Amie and Brooke showed great stamina and determination in the speed bounce to achieve some impressive totals. 
All of the children showed a lot of determination and competitive edge throughout the afternoon and we finished consistently high in the results of each event. Overall the children achieved an impressive score which meant we came 4th out of 10 schools from Crawley. They represented the school brilliantly and should be proud of what they achieved. 
Quicksticks Competition - 14th October 
Last Friday, I took 8 eager and enthusiastic children to Hazelwick to take part in a quicksticks tournament against 3 other local primary schools. We had two teams of 4 and each team had to play 3 matches lasting 12 minutes.
I was impressed with their skill, determination and teamwork. Our B team were fantastic and came out on top against the other schools and our A team put in a superb effort and scored some wonderful goals. 
As always, I was proud to take our children as they were a credit to our school. 
Quicksticks Hockey - By Harry Foster
On Friday 14th October, Pound Hill Junior School competed with other schools in Crawley for Quicksticks Hockey. 
We had two teams, Team A and team B. My team was Tom, Sauda, Rowan and myself, Harry and we were team B. We played three other schools, which we drew two and won one, which meant we won our group!! Thank you Miss Thomas for helping us in our tournament.