Poppy and the school pets!

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Hello Everyone from Poppy,

I thought I would write to you again to see how you all are? I hope that you are keeping well and staying safe. I know that you are working very hard and keeping up with your lessons. Even though it might be hard for you sometimes the teachers have told me you are doing well and that they really enjoy seeing your work and hearing from you.

Did you see me in the video? I think that my catch was the best! It’s a shame it wasn’t toast though, I would have preferred that, as you know.

I was in school last week and, as you can see, I was very helpful when the children were doing some art work.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Keep up with doing your work. I’m really proud of you.


Woofs and Wags


Hello again from Ivy and Smoky,

Just to let you know we are still on our holidays and although we are missing you, we are being looked after extremely well. We even get to go on walks around the garden on a lead.


We hope that you liked Smoky in the video, apples have become my favourite treat since then. As Ivy was a bit disappointed that he didn’t make the final cut you can see some of his “out takes.” Hope you enjoy them.

In the meantime here’s a joke:


Q: What is a rabbit's favourite dance style?

A: Hip-Hop!


Stay well and stay safe.

Keep working hard.

Ivy and Smoky.

Hello Pound Hill!
We have been having a lovely time with Mrs Hughes but miss all of you very much! We have had lots of cuddles and have been eating lots of lovely grass, broccoli and a little kale - yum! 
It looks as though you have all been working your socks off recently! We've seen lots of lovely work on the Home Learning pages and we cannot wait to see more! 
Stay safe everyone! 
Skye and Popcorn. 
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