Online Art Gallery

Pound Hill Junior School's Art Gallery
Welcome to our online art gallery, a place to celebrate your creativity! Use your imagination and produce artwork using any medium: painting, drawing, collage, photographs, sculpture....the choice is yours. Each week we will have a different theme to help inspire you if you are struggling for ideas ( you might even see some teacher's artwork too!)
If you would like to see your art displayed, please email it to either:
*We like to see your happy, smiley faces but please only send a photograph of the art by itself without you in it!
Week 1 theme:
Your ideas on the theme of 'happiness' could be presented as a painting, a 3D object, something you have sewn, a photograph or any other art form.
We look forward to seeing all your fantastic art!
Week 2 theme:
You could draw your pet, create a collage of your favourite animal, make a model of a whole new fantastical creature......use your imagination and get creative!
Staff Art Gallery