Isle of Wight

Day 1 2018
We made it to the UKSA safe and sound after an exciting voyage riding the waves of the Solent - Mrs Taylor went a bit green!
Our first activity was water confidence but before that we had the challenge of putting on our wetsuits! Once we had all squeezed in and had our safety gear on we had to duck under the water (faces as well) before jumping off the pontoon! Everyone really enjoyed it!
This evening two groups constructed egg protection boxes to try and drop an egg from a height with out it breaking followed by a second activity - crabbing! The two remaining groups had fun in the pool playing many games including pool football! 
All children are now tucked up in their beds after enjoying a much needed hot chocolate. We are all looking forward to tomorrow! 
Day 2 2018
What a busy day we have had! The children started the day splitting into groups and enjoying many activities that UKSA has to offer.
Mr Church spent the day Keelboating with his group and lots of children had the opportunity to sail the boat under the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Miss Mackenzie and Mrs O'Connor took their group Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) where the children raced around the UKSA site trying to knock the instructor off his board followed by building and racing rafts. 
Mrs Cushing and Mrs Taylor spent the time building and racing rafts in the morning and kayaking around the site in the afternoon. 
We have ended the day orienteering in the woods and enjoying a hot chocolate. All children are really excited about tomorrow's activities and are sleeping deeply after an active day. 
Day 3 2018
Today we woke up to a blustery, grey, chilly day but we didn't let it dampen our spirits! We all had so much fun despite the weather and our resilient attitude was rewarded with sun and calmer waters in the afternoon. 
The morning was spent playing team games and building rafts. The children were able to work wonderfully in small teams and worked collaboratively to reach the goals set for each task. The children tried archery, parachute games and many others. 
The afternoon was spent on a Keel Boat for some, gaining independence in sailing while others enjoyed Kayaking and Paddle Boarding. 
The day ended with pool games, crabbing, hot chocolate and sleepy children eager for another day's activities. 
Day 4 2018
What a fantastic final day we have all had! The sun has been shining all day and we were able to take full advantage of this! 
Miss Mackenzie's, Mrs O'Connor's and Mrs Taylor's groups spent the morning Windsurfing - what an amazing experience this was! The children were taken off site and taken to a beach carefully chosen for this activity. The children learnt how to stand on a Windsurfing board and then pull up a heavy Windsufing sail while staying balanced! It was a challenge but the children persevered and all managed to sail parallel to the beach. The children then spent the afternoon kayaking and playing fun team games at the UKSA site. 
Mr Church's and Mrs Cushing's groups spent the morning Paddle Boarding. They had to learn how to balance carefully on a board both kneeling and standing! The children played many fun games walking and running over these boards when they were lined up but many fell into the sea in a fit of giggles! The children then had an amazing afternoon Windsurfing and learning how to manipulate a sail to catch the wind. 
The evening was spent eating ice creams and curling up on bean bags watching a short episode of Horrible Histories before heading off to pack and sleep. We have many tired but happy children. 
See you you all tomorrow!