Isle of Wight

Day 4.
We had a great day today windsurfing in the Bay of Dreams. We learnt how to sail, turn and stand on dry land before testing our skills on water when the sail feels heavier and the board is much more wobbly! We spent the afternoon playing lots of board games in the sea and some even had a seaweed fight! 
The children have been fantastic this week and we are so proud of all of them! Tomorrow we shall be returning you very tired children! 
Day 3
Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine and our first activity was surfing! We all learnt how to stand up on the board and it is really easy to do on the sand! Once in the water it is more challenging however none of us gave up and some even managed to stand and surf for a few seconds. In the afternoon we had great fun kayaking around the UKSA bay, we leant how to steer and reverse and then put these skills to go use in the races. 
Excitingly the ice cream van came tonight and even though it was a bit windy we enjoyed our ice creams. This evening we have been swimming and currently the are playing a life sized game of hungry hippos! You will have to ask them about it on Friday!!
Day 2. 
We have had a really busy day today! Our activities were Keelboating and Stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Keelboating was great as we all got to have at sailing a boat. We took it in turns to steer and turn the boat by moving the sails and mast. Sadly there wasn't loads of wind so we needed a bit of help from a motor to speed up.  SUP was fun and involved getting rather wet! We played lots of games on a paddle board, working in teams and by ourselves. We had had a wobble contest to see who had the best balance. This evening we are raft building with two canoes, two paddles, rope and two bits of wood, let's see how it goes! Pictures to hopefully follow if they don't break in the water! 
Day 1! 
We made it to the UKSA safe and sound on our very own boat which was great fun! Our first activity was water confidence but before that we had the challenge of putting on our wetsuits! Once we had all squeezed in and had our safety gear on we began with a song of 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' in the water! Next we had to duck under, faces as well, before jumping off the pontoon! Everyone really enjoyed it! This evening we are constructing egg protection boxes to try and drop an egg from a height with out it breaking! The second activity will be crabbing! 
We we are all looking forward to tomorrow.