House Points

The children on the right have earned their house point certificates in recent weeks...
Well done!!
That's another 25 house points for each of your houses!
If you have earned your next certificate, need your points adding to the totals and would like to be mentioned, make sure you email the teacher in charge of your year group a photograph of your completed house point page in your homework diary and they will let Mrs Stone know. Keep collecting and well done!
Golden Time for Siva 4SK in Water
Golden Time for Jenson 4SK in Water
Bronze for Danilo 6CH in Fire
Bronze for Poppy 6BW in Air
Gold for Leo 3LH in Air
Golden Time for Tabitha 4SA in Air
Gold for Isabella 4SK in Air
Gold for Dheeptha 3LL in Air
Gold for Shrey 6BW in Water
Gold for Lucy 4SA in Earth
Golden Time AND Book Token for Maddie 6SB in Air Incredible, well done!
Gold AND Golden Time for Holly 6CL in Fire
Gold AND Golden Time for Olivia R 6CL in Air
Gold for Sarah 3LL in Air
Gold for Bella 4SK in Air
Gold for Adam 3DL in Earth
Bronze for Lukas 3LH in Water
Golden time for Abigail 4KS in Fire