House Points

Well done to Water who have earnt the most House Points this year. Results are as follows...
1st Place - Water with 4200 points
2nd Place - Air with 3925 points
3rd Place - Fire and Earth with 3525 points
Superb effort everyone! Until next year...
Gold for Sarah 3LL in Air
Gold for Bella 4SK in Air
Gold for Adam 3DL in Earth
Bronze for Lukas 3LH in Water
Golden time for Abigail 4KS in Fire 
Golden time for Eric 4KS in Fire 
Book Token for Lewis 4KS in Air Incredible!
Book Token for Yazmin 5WS in Earth Superb!
Gold for Elisah 3LH in Water
Gold for Antony 4SA in Water
Book Token for Ryan 4KS in Water Amazing!
Gold for Suresh 3LH in Earth
Book Token for Ayoub 6CH in Air Brilliant!
Gold for Alex 4SA in Fire
Bronze for Emma 3DL in Water
Gold for Cameron R 3LL in Water
Gold for Diti 4SA in Water
Gold for Holly 4SA in Air
Gold for Emily 4SA in Earth
Gold for Matthew 3LH in Air
Gold for Ollwen 3LL in Fire