Hindleap Warren Year 6 2020

Monday 13th January 2020 
The children arrived at Hindleap in good spirits, eager to find out all about the centre, our activities and more importantly, our room mates. Liz, the centre manager gave us a tour and then we got to unpack!

We had an incredible hot lunch of vegetable lasagne or vegetable chilli (Meat Free Mondays at Hindleap!) and were ready to start our afternoons.

We had pool canoe and low ropes today which we thoroughly enjoyed. Nick taught us how to capsize and played games with us using the canoes. Raf took us out to the obstacles to challenge us before letting us try our hand at the dark tunnels! It was quite scary but we are glad we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones!

This evening, we are excited for a swim and our first visit to tuck shop! We've been very busy day so hopefully we will sleep well tonight!
Tuesday 14th January
Wow, what a tiring, wet yet brilliant day we have all had. We started the day by filling up on a breakfast on eggs, beans, bacon, bread, cereal and fruit as the teachers said we would need our energy. We then had to layer up really well to ensure we would stay warm as we were going to be out all morning. Dylan and Beth introduced us to 'dropbears', a cousin of the koala bear with a leather bottom who likes to drop on their victim's head! Luckily, we were taught to act as a deer and we survived our initial walk through the woods. Next we played 'hindleap and seek' where we had to find various places to hide to stop Beth from finding us. Then the real fun began as we ventured off into the depth of Ashdown Forest where we encounted slippery streams , wild welly monsters and plunging pools!

As fun as it was, we were thankful to go back into the warm to a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes. The weather really turned this afternoon but we persevered through the wind and rain to beat the Pentagon and a stack of crates. We learnt a lot about challenging ourselves and working as a team. The teachers have been really impressed by the way we encourage each other.

We keep looking at the time table for tomorrow already eager for what is in store on Wednesday!
Wednesday 15th January 
The mid week hump has been fuelled by pancakes, hotdogs and pizza today. We needed to load up on all our food as the weather was very wet and cold this morning. However we have had another day of challenging and pushing ourselves out of our  comfort zones. We have climbed a very tall tower as well as abseiling down it, we have completed The Leap of Faith by jumping off a small ledge onto a trapeze bar and did our best Robin Hood impression with a bow and arrow.

We also visited the Witch's tree where we learnt the history behind the strange looking tree. We used our senses of look, hear and taste to explore the tree - the children thought it tasted of vanilla!!

We are off for a camp fire tonight and hoping to see some stars out in the night sky.
Thursday 16th January 
We woke up ever so quickly this morning so we could sneak into Connor's room and sing him 'Happy Birthday', he really enjoyed the surprise even if he was a little tired and dazed first thing. 

This morning saw groups building their own catapults in pioneering, practising our team building skills and abseiling down the tower. There was lots of good communication and we were really glad the sun finally decided to come out!

In the afternoon, we were taught how to read and orientate a map and had to show our instructors we could do this. We couldn't believe it when the instructors said we were going to go out in small groups collecting letters by ourselves! The teachers were really impressed with our maturity.

At dinner time, we were unsure what  dessert was as it had a big question mark on the board.  However we were delighted when a chocolate cake with candles came out and we got to celebrate Connor's birthday.

Before we are allowed to buy our souvenirs, we need to make sure our rooms are mostly packed for the morning. There are so many muddy clothes - sorry mum and dad!

We are very excited to see you all tomorrow!