Hindleap Warren Year 4 2019

Hindleap Warren - Year 4 
Year 4s are very excited about Hindleap Warren. 
Trip 1 - Monday to Wednesday
Trip 1 have started the trip with a muddy splash! We arrived safely this morning, full of excitement. After a quick tour, the children found out who they were sharing a room with (lots of happy faces!) Soon, everyone was unpacked and tucking into a yummy lunch. The children spent the afternoon in the woods, completing lots of fun team-building activities and challenging obstacles. Tired, muddy and hungry, everyone ate very well at dinner time. 
Got to go now, off to the swimming pool!
The teachers were able to get a good night’s sleep due to the children being relatively quiet until 6am!!
Everyone filled up on an excellent breakfast and after putting on lots of warm layers, the whole group was off. We all had great fun: walking in the woods, creating nature pictures, building shelters, lighting fires and eating toasted marshmallows. Nearly everyone surprised themselves by reaching higher than they thought they could on the Seesaw challenge, we were so proud of them!
At dinner time, we celebrated a special birthday and all enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake.
We got a little wet during the campfire but we carrying on singing ‘Singing in the Rain’ with loud voices and cheerful faces. 
Mrs Cushing is reading a bedtime story to some very sleepy children as I type this and soon they will be tucked up in bed, ready to see you all tomorrow. 
Trip 2 - Wednesday to Friday
Trip 2. Our second group of children arrived safely this morning. Enthusiastic, happy and ‘clean’ faces greeted us from the coach. After a tour of the centre it was time to find out the answer to the most important question of all: “Who am I sharing a bedroom with?” Beds were chosen and ‘made’ pjs, books and teddies were laid out and then it was time for a delicious hot lunch before our afternoon activities. We waved goodbye to our wonderful Trip 1 children and as their coach pulled away we began our sessions with our instructors. The activities allowed the children to develop their team-building skills and to take on a variety of challenges in the obstacle course (ask them about the dark tunnels if you dare...) So far this evening we have been working on our diaries, eaten another delicious hot meal and played a variety of small games. Soon we will be slipping on our costumes and heading across to the swimming pool. The children have been amazing so far and we are looking forward to a fun- filled, challenge- filled and tummy- filled couple of days...
Trip 2- Day 2 What an amazing day we have had... full of challenge and personal triumph! Our activities today have included: building shelters, fire lighting, toasting marshmallows (very popular), earth walks with environmental art and the ‘much anticipated’ seesaw challenge. We are currently working on our diaries and soon we will be heading off for dinner, swiftly followed by our camp fire and singalong. The children are continuing to be fantastic and will have lots of stories to tell you tomorrow... enjoy your peace while it lasts and we’ll see you soon...