Hindleap Warren

What a great day! We all felt well rested after a good nights sleep and ready for all the days activities. All of us learnt how to read a map and then we got to go Orienteering around the forest. It was a bit tricky at first but we soon got the hang of turning the map and looking out for landmarks. Orienteering was great fun as it was like a giant forest treasure hunt! 
One of our activities today was crate stack. We had to work together to climb up a set of crates and get as high as possible. This meant a lot of team work, communication and confidence to go that bit higher. It was great fun, especially when the crates fell and you could hang on the rope! We learnt to trust our team and know they would not let us fall. The highest pair managed 15 stacks of crates! 
Tonight we are going swimming followed by a story and hot chocolate (hopefully with cookies) before bed. 
Monday - We made it to Hindleap Warren safe and sound and were very excited! After unpacking our bags we had a quick tour of the centre and then had lunch. Soon it was time to get out our wellies and start our activities! Some of us went rock climbing which was great fun even if it was raining. Half of us went pool canoeing. It was great fun but hard work to learn how to turn the canoes and paddle in a straight line! We even learnt how to capsize and then get back in our boat which is much harder than it looks! We also had to complete activities working as a team which was tricky at first but soon our communication and confidence increased and we all supported each other. One of the best things today was making a giant catapult and launching tennis balls into the forest!
Now we are writing our diaries and planning what to buy at tuck. 
Pictures will follow later!
Wednesday - Forest adventure day - the wettest, muddiest day yet!
All of us went for an adventure in the forest today and came back rather muddy! We all started off learning about a rare animal called 'drop bears' which are only found in Hindleap Woods. We had to pass through a section of forest with extra care to look out for these rare bears. Then it was time to camouflage ourselves with mud, making sure our whole face was covered to ensure we would blend in well! We played a game of 'Hindleap and seek' before making our way further into the forest. We carefully walked down muddy paths with deep (sometimes deeper than we thought!) puddles and then had to wade up a stream. Luckily it hadn't rained too much so it was very shallow. At the end of the adventure we had two choices; 1) go through the dark tunnels or 2) jump into the pool of life (a huge puddle which came up to our waists).
We also learnt about a special tree in the forest called the Witch's tree and investigated the different types of animals found in and around Hindleap Warren.
We have all had a fantastic day and can't wait for tomorrow!