Hindleap Warren


Monday morning brought us lots of excitement and anticipation for the week. After a little time in school we were finally able to pack the coach and get on our way. We finally made it to Hindleap Warren safe and sound and after unpacking our bags we had a quick tour of the centre and then had lunch (Yummy BBQ chicken). Soon it was time to start our activities! Some of us did high adventure, with lots of children completing the ‘leap of faith’. Mrs Hyde completed the challenge as well, but just missed the catching the bar! Also, the infamous crate stack challenge began. The children were very encouraging of each and everyone challenged themselves. Other groups went pool canoeing which was great fun but hard work to learn how to turn the canoes and paddle in a straight line! We even learnt how to capsize and then get back in our boat which was much harder than it looked! Other groups completed the dry obstacles course which was actually not so dry and a bit wet and muddy! The final group were set the challenge of building a shelter and making fires in bushcraft. The shelters were a challenge to build but all children managed to make a fire and Mrs Burns even gave them extra marshmallows for the effort. The children have settled in well and been learning how life works at Hindleap. 


The fun didn’t stop there as after dinner the children went swimming. Luckily for Mrs Burns she didn’t get splashed too much this year! 


We are looking forward to the rest of our activities.


What a great day! We were ready and raring to go after a good night’s sleep and a great breakfast of sausage, hash browns and beans. Afterwards, two groups got themselves ready for the fun that is forest adventure, with Mr Ferguson and Mrs Hoojiberg. They kitted themselves out with full waterproofs and wellies, ready to get wet and muddy. After a fairly easy start, they proved themselves ready to try and work through the levels of adventure to reach level 5. All of the children took on the challenge to do the best they could and got as wet and muddy as possible! Holly did this in spectacular style by falling into a puddle backwards which was ‘apparently’ fun. The children also learned a great way of drying out their wellies which involved lying on their backs with their legs in the air (you can imagine the rest). The other groups got there chance to complete the dry obstacles course (including the muddy dark tunnels) and pool canoe. 


After a warming lunch, we were back outside, wrapped up and ready for more fun! Our activities included crate stack, high adventure, bushcraft and the climbing wall. All the children have been excited telling the adults about how they jumped from a tree or reached the top of the climbing wall. They are all feeling proud of their achievements so far this week. Enzo has proved himself to be a survival master by perfecting his bushcraft skills and Mrs Burns’ group are climbing experts!


Tonight we went for a night hike, followed by a story and hot chocolate before bed.


The excitement continued with a jam packed day of activities. We learned about the animals that can be found in the forest around Hindleap, and even got a chance to go out and look for evidence that they are there. This involved looking for tracks and analysing poo! The children then got to hear the legend of the Witches Tree and took it in using all their senses, including taste! A big lick revealed the taste of citrus and nuts. 


Following a warming lunch of sausages and mash, group 3 and 4 finally took on the ultimate challenge of forest adventure. All children escalated through the ranks to earn their stripes... mud stripes! Crawling through mud and jumping into the pool of life, left the children, Mrs Burns and Mrs Hyde well and truly muddy! Other groups completed team exercise, the climbing wall and bushcraft. The day was finished off with a delicious meal and another chance to go swimming.


The children are continuing to surprise the teachers everyday with their bravery and resilience with all children getting stuck into all their activities with gusto! 


Thursday was a special day for one our children... it was Daisy’s birthday! She got the pleasure of being woken up first with the teachers singing happy birthday... luckily the other children came and joined in. The children were then back in their groups and facing even more challenges. Layers and layers of clothes were put on as the temperature plummeted and the children finally understood why the teachers have been sending them back for more clothes all week. Some children were finally getting an opportunity to build a shelter in bushcraft whilst others were having to face their fears and attack the climbing wall, high adventure or the crate stack. 


In the afternoon, we joined together to learn how to read maps. The children were split into smaller groups and had to guide us around the forest to a chosen site. Once they had convinced the instructors that were capable map readers, they were let free to enter the forest alone and complete the orienteering challenge. Some great teamwork was on display throughout the activity and the children achieved some amazing scores with Daisy, Molly, Leonarda, Shanuji and Bethany getting top spot with 290!


None of this though could beat the excitement of tuck and the opportunity to buy their souvenirs! After sharing their purchases the children had a surprise film night to round off the week. 


The children are looking forward to their final day and completing the team challenge. But also excited for coming home and seeing their parents.