France Trip 2019

Thursday 11th July
Photos from the French trip: 
Today has been a wave of enjoyment and we had the rides of our lives-  We FINALLY went to Aqualud! Before we set off, the teachers ambushed us (as usual) and after we were sprayed awake, had our usual breakfast which was delicious.

When we got to Aqualud, we had to wait for a while, but we had some entertainment. A man was throwing tricks around on his Diablo to our amazement and amusement. Once we got in, we had to listen to our safety rules, and then there was a burst of excitement as we were let loose on the rides. Sadly we weren't allowed on the Twister, but luckily the other rides were terrific. The Black Hole was a favourite of many because of the flashing lights inside, followed by screams and laughs of amazed children. We also sailed through the Grand Canyon and Magic River and jumped the wicked waves in the wave machine.

In the afternoon, we went to the beach early, before dinner, and got in our groups for the cafe experience. We all got to order a slushy 'granite' and were all proud, as well as the teachers, that we could use our French knowledge to fulfill our desires. Afterwards, there was tunnel building, sand-castle making, a water gun fight (Mr Ferguson, Mrs O'Connor,  Mrs Burns, Mrs Fosh and Ms Singleton were obliterated by the army of children) and singing.

We have just finished our delightful dinner and the teachers have said there is a special surprise for our last night. We will have to tell you tomorrow what it was as this is the last blog. We have had many wonderful adventures and it's sad that we have to leave but we are looking forward to coming back home and seeing our special families tomorrow!
Wednesday 10th July
'Happy Birthday To You' was the first thing that Merissa heard this morning when the girls sang to her to wake up her to celebrate her special day. The boys on the other hand were singing along to Mr Ferguson's awesome tunes! After delicious baguettes and hot chocolate for breakfast that everyone wolfed down, we head for the Bolougne Market.

On the way, we stopped swiftly at the odorous Fish Market where we asked for the price of each smelly fish! There were excellent crab impressions and detectives around- something was 'smelling fishy around here'! We then walked over to the main market which had more to discover and explore. Some of the favourite purchases were cool sunglasses, bracelets, keychains and trinkets that we wouldn't normally see in other markets. However, there were no sweets purchased as later in the day we were heading towards the sweet factory!

We all felt like children in the sweet shop instead of Charlie in the Chocolate Factory but some children swear they saw some oompa loompas! After witnessing how sweets were made, (sugar, sugar, and more sugar) we got to gobble some mouth-watering, freshly made bon-bons and head to the shop. We bought some presents for our parents because we are so 'sweet' and then we shot off to the scary stick man...

Although we had been warned what to expect, the man with the stick still pierced his gaze into our souls,  his deathly stare frightening us... but we all knew he was kind really. He helped us remember ingredients for croissants and we had a go at shaping dough, some more successful than others. The less succesful ones ended up under his fist! We also listened to how delicious 'artisinal' bread was made, while she explained how machines, the wood-fired oven and the gigantic dough-mixer worked. We also escaped with boxes filled with pain au chocolat et croissants. They were flakiest, smooth pastries we had ever eaten!

After our packed day, we are again filling in our diaries before going to the beach. A demain! 
Tuesday 9th July
In the morning, most people were woken up by being squirted by water guns and loud music, although some eager children were already up and ready for the day!

For breakfast, we drank hot chocolate (also known as chocolate chaud) out of a bowl and dipped our baguettes in which was unusual but tasty and delicious! Once we had filled our stomachs, we prepared for the market in Le Portel, the small town walking distance away. We went on a hunt to find things we wanted and have a French adventure. While walking through the exotic, busy stalls, our noses were filled with foods of delicacy and our ears were filled with new French words. This year's trends from the market were bandanas and scrunchies and the enticing sweet stall gravitated children towards it. We all tried our hardest to speak French even though some of the sellers spoke English!

After exploring the market, we headed back to the centre for a heart-warming spag bol. Next: the Goat Farm. We got to pick up some baby goats and rabbits, milk the adult goats, and even got to try some cheese that was 'udderly' delicious! Some of the children to be careful as the goats liked to nibble on untidy stray shoelaces. Another coach journey back to the centre (we watched Shrek) ended in dinner back in the centre. Mrs Fosh and Mrs O'Connor really enjoyed their second helpings of eclair! Currently we are writing our diary to inform you how much fun we have had so far, before heading to the beach. Bon soir.
Monday 8th July
Dear parents,

We are having an amazing time here in Le Portel!

Starting off our journey on a 2 hour coach journey to Dover Port was exciting when we put on a movie: Madagascar was action-packed and exotic.

Once we had embarked on our 'ferry' exciting Channel Crossing, we devoured our first lunch (which our lovely parents made) and we all enjoyed the views of the calm sea.

As we drove towards the centre, we stopped by the Canadian Cemetery. We really enjoyed looking at all the graves even though it was slightly upsetting. The youngest was 17 and oldest was 42. Lewis said, 'I felt special to be able to honour the dead who fought for our country.'

We got to the centre and straight away we were told who was in our rooms and unpacked with eagerness and excitement. We got dressed into our smart evening clothes ready for our delicious dinner. Chips, sausages, ice cream and cheese was for dinner, gratefully received by polite Pound Hill pupils.

We are currently writing into our journals, with Shane providing an AO for the activity: 'To achieve success in transporting ourselves to a foreign country', before heading down to the beach to let off some steam before bed. We are all really looking forward to what tomorrow brings!