France Trip 2018

Lundi 25 juin
So, the super suprise last night was a DISCO! We had the one and only DJ Ferg spinning some tunes. It was a lovely night.
From the moment we woke up, we knew this day was going to be marvellous. Some people were woken up nicely while the unluckly counterparts were viciously attacked by teachers with pillows! We had our usual breakfast but experienced golden nuggets for the first time, which were gobbled up in seconds. As we bustled onto the coach, we put on the Greatest Showman and everyone sang along!
Finally, we had arrived at the goat farm. We padded into a farmhouse cottage and shaped dough made with goats milk into goat shaped breads. Some of the attempts ranged from Dobby the house elf to a flat pancake! After the bread making, we were divided into two squads. One trotted off to visit and milk some eager goats while the other herd of children tasted the gorgeous goat cheese. After swapping activities, we played a game to see who could be the most balanced. While we were waiting for the bread to bake and children to buy cheese we had an epic fortnite dance battle, including 'flossing', 'hyping' and 'dabbing'. Mrs O'Connor and Miss Singleton tried their best but are still practising their flossing technique.
Once we have had said 'Au revoir' to Madame Chevre, we headed back to the centre for lunch of spectacular spaghetti bolognese. Soon after that we were transported in the marvellous 'Moe Machine' to Madi where we had a massive shopping spree. After very 'hard' work purchasing goods -that were not so exotic- we travelled back to the centre for a splendid suprise dinner. After eating what we thought were mussels, they turned to be snails. Yum! Now we are writing our last blog and diary entry for France 2018. This trip has been a phenomenal experience for people who have or have not been abroad before, and the cherry on the cake of the Pound Hill experience. Au revoir!
By Bianca, Anna, Robyn, Jake, Aaron, Mirza, Amaan, Hadyn
PS The teachers think the children have been a credit to the school and their parents and a joy to be with. We will keep in touch tomorrow regarding arrival time.

Dimanche 24 juin

This morning, all the teachers woke us up with a wet suprise and a loud noise, followed by a five-minute water fight! After brushing our teeth, we changed into our comfortable clothes to have our delicious breakfast. We packed our bags for the amazing Aqualud and headed off, driven by magnificent Moe, our coach driver. On the way, we watched Flushed Away, which was suitable for our trip as we would be jumping in at the deep end.

When we got there, we were shocked by how colossal and triangular it was as normally swimming pools are rectangular shape! We went on the Magic River, Black Hole and Grand Canyon. Mrs Burns represented the school and went on the Twister (Toilet Bowl) and successfully conquered the challenge. The Black Hole swallowed us up in darkness, radiating flickering neon lights. Later, we heard the echoing, booming roar of the siren, which alerted us to the Wave Machine! We thundered in and stormed the beaches of Aqualud.

After two hours, we unfortunately had to leave and head back to the center for lunch: baguettes, drinks, cakes and crisps. After lunch, we split up and one squad headed into the center of town to a petit café to watch the England game. Although we missed the first half’s goals we enjoyed watching the football with locals and ordered a drink with our spectacular French. The other crew headed for the beach but got interrupted by Pikachu, unicorns, Disney characters and Peppa Pig. We had came across a French carnival! We joined in with the dancing and some of us taught the characters to floss. The beach group also had success with their French, ordering luminescent, mouth-watering Slushies. We regrouped at the beach and had yet another marathon football match.

On returning to the center, we dined on cheeseburgers and chips, and for dessert we had a fruity salad. Miss Singleton has told us there is a surprise this evening. We are waiting on the edge of our seats!

By Reo, Jacob, Archie, Katie, Sophie, Teo, Kimberley and Louie.

samedi 23 juin

In the morning, when we woke up, we were all rushing around trying to get in the shower first. We knew today would be packed full of adventures. Breakfast was truly scrum-diddly-dumptious: cholocolat chaud with coco pops, bread with confiture (jam), corn flakes and orange juice. Once we had breakfast, we set off for the fish market. There were a variety of different species of crustaceans and fish. We had to ask the sellers for the prices of these sea creatures. We almost forgot how to speak English as we were speaking French so fluently!

Next up, we went to the Boulogne market, which was packed with people, but we stayed in our groups and explored the wonders of the stalls in the square. Haribo, UFOs, cotton candy and Mentos were just a FEW of our favourite ‘species’ of sweets at this market. We also tried a brand new French cheese that Mr Ferguson bought that only a few children liked, but lots of us tried it.

When we finished our shopping spree, we had a very long journey to the boulangerie but we had the spectacular views of the green French countryside (and the DVD) to keep us entertained. At the boulangerie, there was a man with a stick and a lady. The man was very scary, but funny simultaneously, and we definitely now remember the ingredients for croissants! We also learnt how bread was made and we devoured a pain au chocolat and a croissant.

After that, we had another journey to the chocolaterie and the man there was very friendly. We learnt how to make chocolate but unfortunately Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas were nowhere to be seen! We tried some praline chocolate which was both aesthetically pleasing and yumtastic!

After this action packed day, we returned back to Mont de Couppe and had a lovely dinner of tomato soup, chicken, potatoes and a dessert of chocolate eclairs. Strangely enough, we had cheese after pudding but that is all a part of being in a foreign country! Now we are about to go to the beach.

By Amelia, Grace, Arinee, Ellie Hord, Luke, Charlie, Dylan


PS the teachers have added photos during the day where they have had signal!

Friday 22 June
We woke up terribly excited. The journey was ahead of us. We were so optomistic that we couldn't eat our breakfast due to the butterflies but managed to force food down in order to get ready. After arriving at school, we were sad to see our parents wave goodbye yet we knew we would have extraordinary time. We had a long coach journey however it was worth it and the ferry ride was classy and smooth. Even though it was smooth we certainly had sea legs.
Soon after that we visited a Canadian Cemetry. It was a shocking, spellbounding, sombre place and everyone was very respectful and reflective. The messages on the gravestones were heartwarming, one example was 'To my devoted husband, blessed are they that go down to the sea in ships'
As we arrived at our destination, Mont de Coupe, excitement buzzed inside us, especially when we saw the football pitch! Mrs Burns told us our rooms and  we were filled with joy! We all have lovely sea views from our windows.
After we got dressed into our formal outfits, we  had an amazing dinner of pizza, then sausages and chips, followed by mouth watering ice cream. We are about to play on the lovely golden sand! The beach is calling us, so for now we will say, 'Au revoir!'  ice cream. We are about to play on the lovely golden sand! The beach is calling us, so for now we will say, 'Au revoir!'
By Georgie, Chloe, Imogen, Tommy, Tino, Aston, Ellie