France Trip

France 2017
Jeudi 29 juin 

To get us in the mood of Aqualud, Mr Ferguson and Ms Singleton decided to wake the boys with a lovely refreshing squirt of cold water from some water pistols, so thoughtful. 

We were keen to finish our morning petite dejeuner and be on our way to AQUALUD!!!

After watching 'Flushed Away' which reminded us of the wonderful, water adventure that awaited us, we finally arrived! 

We spent the morning conquering the: monsterous mouth of the black hole, raging rapids of the magic river, the tremendous, traversing ride of the 'Grand Canyon' and finally the wicked waves of the tidal wave waters. 

Later on, after chomping on treats on our journey back, we returned to Mont de Couppes and had our lunch al fresco! 

Apres Midi, we desended upon the ville of Le Portel and became one of the locals. In small groups, we were given the challenge of purchasing a number of items including a cake or postcard and even more daunting to order a drink in a cafe on a budget while the adults hovered close by. Some of us were more confident than others, but we managed to succeed in our team quest and felt extremely proud of our achievement! 

Tonight we are looking forward to our final encounter with the beautiful beach but we will be very sad to say our 'au revoirs' to our French friends and temporary home and family we have lived with for the last four days! 

See you tomorrow, 
James, Ayush, Lily-Beth, Hannah, Matthew D, Dyllon, Natasha and Keeva.
We woke from our sweet dreams to a funky disco atmosphere. Although our breakfast was the same, we enjoyed it and were fuelled for the exciting day ahead. 

First stop: Boulogne fish market. There was definitely something fishy going on. We were in awe of the ladies who fearlessly handled the live lobsters. This made us feel a bit 'eel'. 

Moving to Boulogne market, where yet again we were able to use our amazing french skills to haggle for 'Beaucoup de figit spinners, bonbons et aussi des soavenirs.' We enjoyed the vivid colours of the traditional french market and even bought some fromage to add to our lunch. 

At the visit to the goat farm the lady patiently explained in French the goats, babies and cheese. We had great time getting down with the kids! We also had the opportunity to eat homemade waffle biscuits, which were 'magnifique' and cheese made from the goat's milk. 

Next, we went to the chocolate factory to see how the chocolate beans were transformed into 'chocolat'. C'etait delicieux! Xavier informed us that eating chocolate is good for our brains, therefore we must eat it everyday! Sorry dentist! 

After an action packed day, we eventually arrived back at the centre for a quick game of chaos tag before yet another splendid dinner. 

Who knows where our next adventure will take us... 

From Finlay, Rohan, Samantha, Lily, Michael, Vraj, Ellie, Jamilah and Owen W.
Tuesday 27th June 

Day 2
We were going to the market. That was the first thing that popped into our minds this morning when we were woken up. Very loudly by Mr Ferguson and calmly by Miss Thomas. After dashing down to breakfast, we sat down and devoured our cereal, baguettes and chocolate chaud. In a civilised manner of course. We hadn't realised that there was milk at the back and we HAD to have that horrendous chocolate chaud with our chocolate cereal. Breakfast consumed, we got our day bags ready and marched down to the petit marche. Sweets, sunglasses, slime, fidget spinners, clothes, hats and speakers were some of the heavenly items that caught our eyes and amazed us. 

After spagetti and ice cream (not at the same time obviously) back at the centre, we headed off quietly as we had Ratatueille to watch on the coach. Everyone was hypnotised apart from the sleeping people! Then we arrived at the boulangerie: funny/scary. The baker (Bruno) had a scary stick and would whack the table if you didn't get the ingridients for croissants correct; DU SUCRE; DU SEL; DU L'EAU; DU LAIT; DES OEUFS; DE LA FARINE; LE LEVURE; DU BEURRE! However we all knew he was friendly really. We also learnt how to make bread and had to listen for a lot of numbers from the much calmer lady baker.

We went back to the centre for our yummy dinner of soup followed by chicken with potatoes and then eclairs. Currently, we are in the classroom writing up our diaries and reminiscing on a fantastic day.

Bonne nuit! 
Julia, Kiana, Elise, Evie, Sean H, Riley, Lewis and Josh. 

Monday 26th June

This morning, after a delayed start we waved our parents off and we began our vogage to France.

We got to Dover and because we were so well behaved, they let us through promptly and we boarded our ferry. It was a gigantic, comfy ferry and whilst on there, we ate our lunch. We got to go up on deck and enjoy the nice views and the entertainment from the acrobatic seagulls.

We arrived at Calais and our first stop was a Canadian cementry. We went to pay our respects for all those who fought for their nation and lost their lives in battle. It was very peaceful and calm, which allowed us to commerate and think. We then completed some sketches of the detailed headstones.

We drove to Le Portel and were very excited by the panaromaic views. Mont de Couppes, our home for the next 5 days, was right by the sandy beach. We discovered who are room mates were and unpacked our suitcases.

Luckily, we had time to go to the beach for a nice play before dinner. Some of us dug holes and built sandcastles, some children played football and a few even practised their gymnastics. We are very grateful to be so close to the beach and can't wait to go back!

For dinner, the food was absolutely gorgeous; it was cooked to perfection. We have had to come up to the classroom now to summarise our experience so far.

Please check out our school instagram to see a few pictures from today! We will try to upload some photos to the school website tomorrow.

Lots of love, 
Charlotte, Amie, Alice, Owen T, Matthew M, Trey, Sean H and Sean M.