Celebration Page

Well done to everyone for working so hard! Each week we will be awarding Pupil of the Week and teachers will be emailing your certificate home. Keep an eye on this page as it will be updated weekly.
Pupil of the Week awarded on Friday 22nd May 2020:
6CH - Sanad                                         4SA - Jack. L
6SB - Yusef                                           4SK - Jack. P
6CL - Emma                                          4KS - Resha
6BW - Eleece
5CF - Hassan                                         3LL - Benji
5IC - Ameliya                                         3LH - Suresh
5WS - Rosie                                           3DL - Kaisan
Well done and keep up the hard work! 
The children on the right have earned their house point certificates in recent weeks...
Well done!!
That's another 25 house points for each of your houses!
If you have earned your next certificate, need your points adding to the totals and would like to be mentioned, make sure you email your teacher a photograph of your completed house point page in your homework diary and they will let Mrs Stone know. Keep collecting and well done!
Gold for Resha 4KS in Fire
Silver for Domiria 6BW in Water
Gold for Honey 5WS in Earth
Silver for Evie 3DL in Fire
Silver for Igor 3DL in Water
Silver for Harry 6BW in Earth
Golden Time for Aditya 6BW in Earth
Silver for Bassaam 3DL in Water
Book Token for Daisy 5WS in Water That's an impressive 125 house points!
Gold for Sophia 3LL in Earth
Gold for Rishi 3DL in Water
Gold for Avnita 3LL in Water
Gold for Dexter 4SK in Air
Gold for Jack 4SA in Water
Golden Time for Isobella 5IC in Water
Golden Time for Ameliya 5IC in Water
Gold for Harrison 4KS in Earth
Gold for Anabel 4SK in Air
Gold for Belle 3DL in Air
Silver for Jaxon 3DL in Water
Silver for James 3LH in Fire
Silver for Lily 3DL in Fire
Gold for Joe 4SA in Air
Gold for Adam 3DL in Earth
Golden Time for Benji 3LL in Water
Gold for Noah 3LL in Fire