A Message From the Current Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!
You might be feeling nervous, excited, happy, worried, unsure, keen to start and many many other emotions! Do not worry - it is normal to feel all of this. Some of our wonderful Year 3s have written you letters to explain what school life is like and to answer some questions you might have. Enjoy reading!

Hello Year 2’s, welcome to Pound Hill Junior School!

When I started the Junior School I was excited but also a bit worried too because the school is bigger and a new place, but everyone was very friendly and helpful to me. 

All the teachers are really nice and friendly and they will welcome you in, they know it is a new school for you so don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. Just ask for help, put your hand up if you get stuck. 

At our school we have school pets, we have bunnies, guinea pigs and a school dog called Poppy. You get to see them and sometimes you can stroke them and care for them. Sometimes Poppy might even come into your classroom which is cool. 

In our school if you do something good you get a green card and a green sticker so everyone knows you’ve done something good. Also in our school we get house points and a diary, when you do good work your teacher might give you a house point and after 25 house points you can get your bronze award and a bronze star badge, after 50 house points you get a silver award and after 75 house points you get a gold award!  I put my star badges on my tie and I think it looks very smart. For PE we have different houses they are Air which means you wear a yellow top, Water is a blue top, Earth which is a green top and Fire which is a red top. You will get given a house at the start of Year 3. So for sports day, PE and other activities you might work with your house. 

In assembly you might get to stand up in the front of the hall if you get a certificate, at first it might seem a bit scary, I was a bit scared but you do get used to it and then its quite exciting. 

In our school we like to challenge ourselves. We have working towards, met, greater depth. You start at working towards and then work hard to move on to met and greater depth. We do lots of different lessons, my favourite is Art and English. We also learn French, you get to go to the French room with Ms Singleton which is good. We also get to go out with other teachers to read books in a group, that’s fun.

I like our school and I hope you will like it too. Remember to always ask for help if you need it! Be nice, be friendly and be polite. 

From Belle

Hello Everyone   

Today I will be telling you all about Pound Hill Juniors School. When I was in Year 2 I was so scared about  going into Junior’s but when I went to visit all the teachers and other year groups made me feel so welcome, I knew I would be ok. 

When they were telling us everything, I got really excited. We got told about house points (HP) and if we got 25 HP for doing amazing work we then got a certificate along with a bronze badge, until we got to gold. 

We have 4 houses Fire, Earth, Air and Water these are for PE, Sports day and house points for each colour that work hard. 

We have the best school meals as everything is cooked on site and we get to help decide new meals for the menu, every morning you can go to the kitchen to get breakfast with the choices of toast, fruit and a milkshake. 

Mr White is the head teacher he is very nice, kind and loves to see all his pupils happy and working hard. Mrs Langdon is my teacher she is very kind, caring and loves to teach. Poppy is the school dog, you can see her around the school; she is very loving and spends most of her time in the French room. There is also a school football team that Mr Langdon and Mr Church run, they run the teams for year 5 and 6. You can also do golf classes on a Friday too. 

I hope all this information help you settle well into juniors. All I want to say now is WELCOME TO POUND HILL JUNIORS! 

By Noah

Hi year 2, my name is Dilan and I will be telling you a little bit about life in Year 3 for when you move to our school.

The first thing I would like to say to you is what your first day will be like. When you come into the playground you will see a sign which will have your class name displayed and you will go and stand next to it in a straight line with your class friends.  At 8.30am the school bell will ring and your teacher will come to take you into your classroom. There’s no reason to be scared because all teachers are nice, friendly, very welcoming and will take good care of you. On my first day I had a lot of fun and made lots of friends. You will probably do the same!

Rewards: if you do really good work you will get a green card and go to Mr White to show him your wonderful work. When students show good understanding of their work and do well in it they are awarded a house point. The aim is to have as many house points as possible and work towards your bronze award to start with and work your way up from that. Mr White is the head of the school and the deputy is Mrs Hatton, both are very lovely. They both often come into our classrooms and lunch hall to see us and speak to us. 

One important bit about school is the lessons and the different things we learn. The main topics are English, Science, Maths and many more. Every term there is a new book to read and learn about it within your English lessons and for some lessons you have a different teacher like in French it is with Miss Singleton. 

Playtimes are fun, on some days you and your class will get to play football or basketball. In the playground for lunch time you will get to play with Year 5 and for playtime you get to play with Year 4. 

My favourite lesson is Maths because you learn lots including times tables and fractions. I hope you found this information helpful. I WILL SEE YOU IN YEAR 3! 


Dear Year 2  

At Pound Hill Junior School it`s very fun and there are lots of things to do here. 

ARRIVING IN THE MORNING: Whoever drops you at school will wait for your teacher to come out into the playground and take you into your classroom.  In the classroom, you read the white board which has instructions on where to sit.  Then take your coat off and take things out of your bag.  Put your backpack and coat in your locker and then you will start your day.  Your locker will have your picture on and will be the colour of your house.   

DIFFERENT HOUSES: There are 4 houses at Pound Hill Junior School.  These are – Air (yellow - which is the best!), Fire (red), Earth (green) and Water (blue).  Every year at sports day each House competes in different events to see who gets the most points. 

PLAY TIMES: Year 3 and 4 play together and then Years 5 and 6 go out after. You can bring a snack in for break time. On Fridays it is a special treat, there will either be cookies, brownies, cupcakes or doughnuts to buy for 50p from the tuck shop. 

SCHOOL WORK: We do lots of different lessons and activities.  These are -Science, Maths, English, Computing, French, Geography, PE, History and RE.  Don`t worry if you do not know all of the lessons because the teachers will be there but don`t forget to put your hand up to ask a question. 

Trays – this is where you put your homework diary and arithmetic book, if you can’t have your pencil case and books on the table, this is where you keep things to save space. 

Your arithmetic book – during the day, there might be 3 or 4 questions to answer in this book and this will be marked. 

HOMEWORK: You will get a home work diary that you will write in whenever you have read with mum, dad, teachers, or anyone else.  You are also going to get other homework like Maths and Spelling which you will have to stick in your homework diary and into your Maths and Spelling books. 

READING: You will get put into different reading groups and a teacher chooses a book for you and you will read to them.   

AT THE END OF THE DAY: Before you go home, you will be told to get your bag and coat from your locker.  You will get everything from your tray and take it home with you.  You will then sit on the carpet and wait for the rest of the class to sit down.  If there is time, your teacher might read a chapter or two of the book the class has picked.  At 3 o clock your teacher will send you out into the playground.  If you can’t see your parents, you will come back and wait with the teacher until they arrive. 

SCHOOL PETS: The school has two rabbits called Smokey and Ivy, two guinea pigs called Skye and Popcorn and a dog called Poppy.  Poppy stays with Mrs Singleton during the day. 

HOUSE POINTS: You can earn House Points by being good and doing very good work.  When you have been given 25 House Points you earn a bronze star and a certificate.  50 House Points is for your silver star, 75 House Points is for gold and 100 is for a Golden Time and the last one is 125 House Points and you will get a £5 book token .  You can wear your stars on your school tie so everyone can see what brilliant work you have done.   

GREEN AND RED CARDS: A green card is if you have done brilliant work and a red card is if you have found behaving in the classroom difficult. 

MR WHITE AND MS HATTON: Mr White is our Headteacher and Ms Hatton is our Deputy Head Mistress.  They are in charge of the school and on Friday, if we have been really good, they come in to watch our assembly.   

TEACHERS: Our teachers are brilliant! They are kind, helpful and caring.  They make the lessons really fun.  When any of us are sad or worried or confused, they always help us to feel better. 

Pound Hill Junior School is such a brilliant school.  You will love it!  If you are sad Year 4 and 5 will be in the playground and they make you feel better and help you to find someone to play with.  Don’t be worried, you will be okay on your first day of POUND HILL JUNIOR SCHOOL. 

Lots of love Edith x 

When I went to year 3 I felt a bit nervous but once I got to know all the teachers all my worries went away. I first had a look round it looks good, as it is a very new school. I met Poppy the dog, Ivy and Smokey the rabbits and the guinea pigs Skye and Popcorn. They can help you if you are feeling sad or worried, they cheer me up! Everyone is very nice and will be happy to help you.

Sometimes there are visitors that come in to give talks or have fun activities for us to do. In my class room there is a quiet calming area where you can go if you need time to calm down. One time my teacher let me eat my cucumber in there as I find lunch time hard. In your homework diary you will find a red card, orange card and a green card this is so you can show the teacher how you are feeling in yourself or about the work then your teacher can support you in the right way.

The Head Teacher Mr White is very nice and helpful, once I had to have medicine at school and it was kept in the fridge in his office I noticed his office smells of coffee! Mrs Hatton, the deputy head, is also very nice. She looked after my big sister and my mum sometimes stops and talks to her in the mornings as we walk into school. Mr White and Mrs Hatton stand on the corner to say good morning as we walk into school and sometimes Poppy is there too. I have really enjoyed Year 3 and have had lots of different teachers help me to learn.  


Hi Year Two’s! 

At Pound Hill Junior School there are lots of different subjects such as English, History, Maths, Science Art, Spelling and Handwriting. Mrs Singleton is my French teacher, which my class 3LH has every Monday.  My favourite subjects are Art, Maths and Science.  The Headteacher is called Mr White who is funny and helpful, the deputy head is Miss Hatton who I see at the school gate in the morning. 

Green cards are good, you get to go to Mr White to show him what you have done. There are also house points, I got my silver award 2 weeks ago which means I earned 50 house points. There are 4 houses, I’m in Fire. The others are Earth, Water and Air. 

There are lots of teachers, mine is Mrs Hyde who’s helpful and kind and there are also lots of teaching assistants. I like reading with Mrs Fosh. There are lots of school pets such as Poppy the dog, Ivy and Smokey the rabbits and the guinea pigs one of them is called Sky. 

You do not have pegs any more, at the Juniors you have lockers with your names on. You have your own pencil case too. We read as a class, my favourite so far is the Tin Forest.  We have break twice a day. We have our lunch at 12:20. We have assemblies too just like you! There are reading assemblies where each year takes a turn to talk the book they are currently reading. 

You will still have your friends. Don’t be scared or worried. I was scared too on my first day but my best friend was in my class which made me feel better. There are lots of people around to help. Year 3 and 4 have break together and I’m year 3 now, next year I’ll be year 4 and you’ll be year 3 which means we can help each other!!! 

Pound Hill Junior School is fun! Good Luck! 

From James.